Air Dry Polyester Sanding & Clear Hi-Gloss Coatings

  • ORCA COMPOSITES POLYESTER COATINGS are based on an isophthalic unsaturated polyester that exhibits genuine air-cure characteristics which means that the polyester will surface cure when exposed to air. They have fade resistant pigments and UV light absorbers creating a coating system with high solids, optimum color fastness and excellent gloss retention and ease of sanding and polishing. Coatings have excellent resistance to gasoline, nitro methane and hydraulic fluids. Minimum static electricity build-up and temperature cycling from 65째 - 350째 F are also advantages.

  • ORCA COMPOSITES VINYL ESTER COATINGS are based on a bisphenol A epoxy novolac vinyl ester resin system that exhibits genuine air cure characteristics which means that the vinyl ester will surface cure when exposed to air. Characteristics exhibit tremendous adhesion properties, high heat distortion temperatures (HDT), and good elongation % making them perfect for many unique applications. They are ideal in applications of marine fabrication and repair, corrosion tank and pipe linings, high temperature mold surfaces and in many submersive applications due to their ideal water osmosis resistance nature.